Are you relocating? Moving houses may become a tall order for the unprepared. Knowing how best to pack your mattresses for movement is a skill that each adult requires. Having moved a few houses a couple of times, I am here to give you tips on how best to pack your mattress to ensure safe arrival without experiencing tears or rip offs.

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Over time, you get to acquire so much property in your home, without noticing, and when the time to move houses come, it’s a big hustle. One of those very sensitive items that should be handled with care is your mattress. A few tips and we are good to go.

Firstly, invest in good material to wrap your mattress to safety. Most commonly used is the painter’s plastic that protects it from dust and water during transit. Different mattress sizes have different plastic cover sizes. After safely covering it with plastic, reinforce the edges firmly with a shrink wrap.

Sometimes it may be necessary to wrap the mattress with other materials like old bedcovers to ensure they are well put in place in the moving truck. The old bed covers make it easier to slide down the mattress as trying to lift by hand can prove a daunting task.  If they are many, putting them upright together against the wall of the truck is best. But this will not be safe enough if the truck is a pick up. Bad weather in this case becomes an issue. It is wise to go for a truck that will not have your stuff exposed, or hanging. Otherwise you only have the option of trusting the weather man and move on the day they predict to be sunny or slightly cloudy.

Breakables like coffee tables need to have a soft landing just in case there is rough movement. This is best chance to have your mattresses slide in between them, in the end, the furniture always gives a great grip to your mattresses. Proper gripping is ideal as it avoids damages that can be caused if the mattress falls off. Some moving companies have good practice of having separate means of transportation for items like mattresses. Better still is that they provide mattress bags. The zipped mattress bags are then placed in a way that there are no hard or sharp objects like farm tools, kitchen ware that may cause damages overlapping on them. This is another opportunity to explore, just to keep them safe.

Never bend mattresses or have them folded during packing or unpacking. This easily causes tears or permanent deformation that leads to discomfort when lying on them. If you moving to a flat or a house with sharp corners on your way to the bedroom or one you have to go up the staircase to access the bedroom,  then free the path of any furniture that could make it bend the more.

Explosives or inflammables should be carried separately. This goes without saying. Mattress can easily catch fire and spread so fast due to the material that makes it.

Finally, it may be necessary to have your wrapped mattresses labeled for easy identification during offloading. In this way, it becomes really easy to move them to the right rooms without much of a struggle. During unwrapping, much care should be taken not to cut the mattresses. Sometimes a pair of scissors might prove disastrous, and you need to use the tip of a ball pen to gently undo the wrapping tapes. Just enough caution is what you require to keep your mattresses as new and clean as ever.

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