Tips for moving house during winter

Tips for moving house during winterMoving during winter is not exactly the best situation to be caught up in. it can be difficult, tedious and what’s worse? The weather is so unforgiving. Getting a truck or hiring moving agents is cheaper and actually easier but needless to say the keenness required in this time of the year is unmatched.

Firstly, hire a team of professional movers. If really there is a time that you need their services it’s during winter! You do not want to try driving a big ruck during winter. It is dangerous needless to say.

Get your old house ready for the team you have hired to help you out. Clear the snow around your house, the sidewalks the drive ways and walkways. Pour salt on these areas as well as sand to ensure they are free of the slippery nature of snow. It would be disastrous if a guy carrying your box of cutlery slipped and fell literally breaking all your valuables!

Have a shovel and salt at hand. Throughout the journey keep an eye on the road. If there is need, then step out and clear the road. Pour some salt or sand on the points where the truck steps on. This ensures that the slippery effect is minimal.

Always serve hot drinks. It being a cold season, anyone in the moving team will be ready to take something warm to keep them going. Have a few snacks too to accompany the drinks. Hot chocolate or tea is a must if you need that energy to be sustained. Upon getting to your new house you can provide one meal after the offloading.

For packing your items, plastic containers are best placed for moving around this time of the year. Plastic boxes are reusable, durable and on most occasions more affordable than the card boards. Plastic can better protect your items if at all they are exposed to the snow unlike cardboards and boxes which can let water in.

For your new home, you certainly need to make it ready for occupation. AA few weeks before moving, go and check on the heating system as well as the lighting. Ensure that both are in good working condition. A day before, you can visit the new home and put on the heat and hydro system. This is a measure ensuring your house is warm on the actual day of moving.

Always have a backup plan for occasions where winter storms arise. Try talking to your moving agents to see what their policy is. If they are willing to post pone moving in such circumstances, it may be a green light to notify your real estate agent of your intentions in case of a storm. If they cannot allow you stay a day extra, you can have the movers take your items and stay with them for the night maybe and then book a hotel or stay at a friend’s place until the weather is better.

Finally, STAY SAFE! During such seasons, emergency contact lists should be with you. Ensure you have noted down the highway patrol number, a number that you can report in case there are incidences on the highway as well as road side assistance. Let your loved ones or a neighbor know your whereabouts just in case you need anything.

Moving during winter can really get you great bargains as business is quite slow around this time of the year. It’s scary for some but a walk in the park for others. Are you a regular winter mover? If so we would love to hear from you. What additional tips can be added onto the ones mentioned above?

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