Tips and Hints

Tips and Hints

London House Removals.We understand that moving house or office can be a very stressful experience. Our team is committed to minimize that stress as much as possible. Remember, we want to have a smooth removal day as much as you do!

Here are a few tips to help you prepare and minimise the stress of moving:
London House Removals

1. Put aside the essentials you will need to use on the packing and moving day – things like keys to the doors, windows and car keys, mobile chargers, important documents – including contract to your new house, a cheque book, clothes and shoes you will wear, some plates, cups, cutlery and food you will eat, etc. And if you have small children – it’s good to leave a couple of their favourite toys to keep them occupied.

2. Order from us a supply of quality boxes, packing paper and bubble wrap – having your belongings packed properly using strong boxes that do not collapse under their own weight will make your move much safer and faster. Use small boxes mainly for books, CD’s, DVD’S, china and other fragile or small and heavy items. Use large boxes mainly for clothes, toys, and items that are big but fairly light relatively to their size. Use packing paper to pack plates, mugs and glasses. Bear in mind that especially wine glasses should be packed in boxes in vertical position so they do not break. Use bubble wrap to pack very fragile porcelain, crystals and ornaments, fragile vases, pictures and paintings.

3. Label all the boxes correctly so we can place them exactly where you want in your new property e.g. “Living Room – CD’S” or “Kitchen – Glass and Plates.”

5. Make sure to email to us an inventory list of your items with their values. Alternatively, hand it to our team coordinator at the beginning of your removal job.  

6. Tape properly all boxes to make sure that they won’t collapse or open during the move. For example; bottom part should be cross-taped so bottom flaps won’t accidentally open during loading/offloading. All boxes with fragile items should be taped with “FRAGILE” tape (important). It is best to use our extra strong quality tape for your packing job.

7. Empty, defrost and clean refrigerators and deep freezers at least a day before vacating your old property, so they are ready for the transport.

8. Arrange for a parking space for our vehicles with your local authorities (the length of two cars per one van or 3 cars per one lorry). For yellow line dispensation or parking bays suspension you will need to contact your local council office. For dispensation of Red Routes you will need to contact Transport for London (TFL). In most boroughs a notice of 10 – 17 days is required to reserve parking bays, so apply well in advance to avoid additional and costly late application fees.  

9.  Reserve storage space with us, if needed. However if you have your own storage facility booked, just give us a call to verify that you booked a room big enough to fit all your items. It’s always advisable to hire room slightly larger to fit all items, as some items have odd shapes and do not stack well on top of each other. Hiring an additional room in case your items did not fit is often more expensive than having one larger room for all items.

10. Ideally – find a temporary place for your pets like dogs or cats, so they do not get in the way of our team and do not suffer from stress related to sudden relocation.

11. Arrange your own transport of gas bottles and other flammable and hazardous goods as we are not allowed to carry them. 

12. During loading and offloading process please assist our team at all the time, to make sure that correct items are moved out of your current property and placed in correct rooms where you need them in your new property. This will minimise the time of loading and offloading and will prevent misplacing of items or removing the items that are not meant to be moved.

13. After the move, before our team leaves, inspect your belongings and furniture that we assembled, to make sure that everything is completed correctly and according to your needs.


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