SAFETY TIPS IN MOVING HOUSESDo you want to relocate? Moving houses is not a walk in the park. Apart from emotional distress, the body also undergoes stress in one way or the other, and injuries are common, minor or server. In London, there are many companies offering relocation services, and one only needs to hire their choice. But come to think of it, bringing in a moving company is not just enough without following the simple safety tips. It can actually be a lot worse if your home is not safety proofed.

You need to be very clear with the moving date. You may need to set a date that you are free from work or other engagement so as to be physically present during the actual date. At this point, you need to hire a moving company. Packing your own stuff in good time is important. It enables you to save a lot of time on the moving day. You may probably prefer to have the moving company pack for you. In this case make it clear that they need to clearly label the packing boxes so that they can be easily identified during unpacking.

Utility companies need to be notified in good time so that you can settle your bills before moving. Incase you are moving to a far place, then you may need to register with new service providers, such as garbage collectors, vets, and so on. Dismantling of furniture that you can do without a week earlier gives you enough room to pack other household items. Furniture in the garden or yard should also be set for moving. Clearing of loft needs to be done by you. It will be a good chance to discover the old memorable decorations anyway. For items that require special treatment such as heavy appliances, music instruments, antiques, should be handled by professionals, to avoid mishandling. In such cases, additional assistance is required.

Homes with children and pets may find it a bit difficult. The animals can be kept in a room just for the day, while the kids can be left at a friends or relatives places. In this way, they will enjoy getting into their new home at the end of the exercise. Ensure that sensitive items and valuables like jewelry as well as documents are in your custody.  Additionally, your address needs to be changed and the room given a matching address to the next owner. Vital information that needs to be left behind for the new owner, such as recycling collection, working on the boiler, and so on can be done on a note that you place at the center of the living room or in the form of a sticky note placed on the wall where it is visible.

It is just practical that you rent proper equipment saving you from strains in the back, moving larger and heavy assets. Even though the new home may seem like heaven on earth, one needs to inspect the new property just in case there are things that need to be rectified. This you can do before the moving day. Go find out the where the right parking area for the truck is in addition to being sure if it’s a spot for reservation or its always available.

Checking the walkway for any unevenness, posts, tree trunks or poles that may easily cause accidents is another safety measure that ensures all the people involved are safe. During offloading, the packed and marked boxes should be sorted and put just in the right rooms where they need to be. In this way, even arranging the new house becomes a breeze. All these time, you need to have your safety clothes on and proper footwear to avoid accidents. An emergency kit may come in handy, band aids, ointment and aspirin may be used incase of any minor accidents.


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